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Tech Tips

Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your final printed project matches your expectations:

Tip: Always Send a Mock-Up
A mock-up or "dummy" should always be included in your files to show us exactly how your digital files should look when printed. This will avoid errors by identifying folds, images, fonts, pagination, etc. On your mock-up, include any information that might be useful to us. For example, mark your images as FPO (for placement only) and identify spot colors and screens. If you don't use a color mock-up, include a laser printout of color separations.

Tip: Preflight is Project Insurance
Preflighting is the process of checking a job for possible problems before the job is sent for final output. This process is used to find problems such as missing fonts, postscript errors and color problems. Preflight ensures that all components for your job are included in your files, such as graphics, fonts, and linked files. After you have reviewed and organized your files, it is important to print out a list of the contents of the file and send that with your mock-up.

The power of color

Customers are 78% more likely to remember words and phrases that are in COLOR
COLOR increases document awareness 165%
COLOR graphics are 80% more comprehensible
COLOR and text, working in concert, improve recall by 82%

Tip: It's Easy Being Green PDF

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